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You want an expertly crafted website that wows, with a memorable brand, that inspires your visitors to take instant action
What if I told you that by working together we can have your website

Designed in a Day?



A bespoke website, Designed in a Day ... Really?

I'm a Wix Expert and one of their top level (Wix Legend) Website Design Partners and have been designing websites for many years, on the Wix platform and others including Squarespace, WordPress and Shopify.  So, I think I'm well placed to tell you, in all honesty, that the design process can be frustrating both for me and for my clients. It can all just take...too long. Valuable time is spent emailing back and forth and waiting for images or copy, when all anyone really wants is to get the job done and done well!

I realised there is a a way to streamline this process, to eliminate some of the irksome, time-wasting stuff, and get you up and running faster


By working together, we can have your site ready to launch in one day. Yes, really!!

How it's possible

We will kick off your one day website design with a 45 minute strategy call, to discuss your website and so that you can move into the discovery phase fired up and full of inspiration!

My unique interactive client portal, takes you on a journey of discovery.  You'll be guided through a process of information gathering as well as being given lots of hints, tips and advice to ensure you get the very best out of your website.  

On Design Day, you will commit to being available during the day to answer my questions and queries, approve designs and generally work with me on getting your site just how you want it. And, of course, I'll make that commitment too.  You'll get my full, undivided attention for the day, no other client work, no phone calls or answering emails, just dedicated focussed time. 


You'll see your website being built in realtime, and provide input along the way and by the end of Design Day, we will have a website that you can launch straight away!

You are booking me for a day and whilst I will make every effort to completely finish your site, that does depend on the feedback and changing scope as we go through the day.   If additional time may be required, we will discuss your options as we go through the day.  




Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill and industry; competent, capable, reliable

Why you should trust me with your web design

It's not just about having a pretty website (though that helps!!)

  • I've traded online over 20 years, since my children and the internet were in their infancy. You are getting the benefit of all my experience in designing and building a website that doesn't just look pretty but actually converts browsers into buyers. 

  • I'm not just a web designer, I am a champion of small businesses, a National Business Award winner and a strategist.  I get you!  I know how important this is for you and that is why we work together to give you the website you need and deserve.

  • I can design in a day as I've spent many years honing my skills, my processes, the client portal and all the pre and post support.  They all add up to an incredible client experience.

  • I'm a Wix Legend (yep it's a thing apparently), Shopify Design Partner, SquareSpace Designer and of course I can design on WordPress

  • All my websites are unique, they are designed especially for you and not from a template

  • We work together to make sure that we get a look you are delighted with that suits you, your brand and your personality

  • They are all optimised for the search engines - this doesn't guarantee a number one position on Google but it does mean that your site is best placed to be listed by Google

  • Your website will be completely mobile responsive, over 85% of website views are now done on mobile and so this is critical to your success.

  • It will have a really good strong call to action - people need to be guided through and know what to do when they are on your site.


During our Discovery Call we will discuss which is the best package for you or whether a traditional web design service may be more suitable.  

All website design packages include a mobile responsive website and search engine optimisation.  Read more.

Click on the Let's Do This buttons to secure your Design Day or Book a Discovery Call if you prefer.

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A small but beautifully designed bespoke site or landing page

  • FREE discovery call

  • FREE  exclusive interactive client portal

  • FREE 45 minute strategy call

  • FREE 30 minute kick off call

  • 4 hours design time on Design Day

  • FREE 1/2 hour for post design tweaks

  • FREE 30 days ongoing support


Splash - 1 day.png

A full brochure site to showcase your business

  • FREE discovery call

  • FREE  exclusive interactive client portal

  • FREE 45 minute strategy call

  • FREE 30 minute kick off call

  • 7.5 hours design time on Design Day

  • FREE 1 hour for post design tweaks

  • FREE 30 days ongoing support


Splash 2 days.png

An ecommerce site or strategy & web design

  • FREE discovery call

  • FREE  exclusive interactive client portal

  • FREE 45 minute strategy call

  • FREE 30 minute kick off call

  • 7.5 hours design time on each Day

  • FREE 2 hour for post design tweaks

  • FREE 30 days ongoing support



What can be achieved in a day?

Designed in Half a Day

* Landing page or small website * Up to 3 / 4 pages or sections (for example, hero image, about section, services with a contact form or section)
* Text based logo to match your brand colours or logos * Search engine optimised * Mobile responsive Or * A mini-make over
* Search engine optimisation for a larger website * Marketing and/or intro videos

Half a day is four hours design time on the day plus half an hour for tweaks after.

View portfolio

Designed in a Day

* Up to 6 pages * Plus 3 premium apps (ie, booking form, gallery or calendar) * Text based logo in your brand colours. * Basic search engine optimisation * Mobile responsiveness or A Shopify redesign (or full design using a template) including:- * Back-end and admin set up * Categories & product template set up * Store settings * Branding, colours & Fonts or
* Website refresh or redesign or * Website and intro videos (number depends on content and length) or Full brand, social media content (images) etc or *Bring me your wish list (see below)

A full day of design is 7.5 hours design time and an hour of tweaks to be used within 14 days of your Design Day.

View portfolio

Designed in Two Days

* A more complex website or
* An ecommerce website (up to 10 products included and up to 5 categories) on either Shopify or Wix to include:-
* Back-end and admin set up
* Categories & product template set up
* Store settings
* Branding, colours & Fonts * Up to 10 products

* A day strategy and content plus a day to create your website

For Designed in Two Days you get 7.5 hours on each day (these can be taken consequetively or with a day or two in between) plus 2 hours additional design time for tweaks to be taken within 2 weeks of the last design day. View portfolio

Bring me your Wish List

Do you have a website that's a nightmare, you look at it and think "urgh", maybe you designed it yourself but now you are ready to move up a gear (or two or three) or maybe you have a website that you had professionally designed but now looks very dated or isn't working on mobile or you don't rank highly in search engines.

Bring me your Wish List, it can include any or all of the following:-

  • move your website from another platform (say Squarespace or Wordpress) to Wix
  • strategy
  • logo design/branding
  • website redesign
  • search engine optimisation
  • graphic design
  • social media graphics
  • intro or marketing videos
  • glassboard or explainer videos
Depending on what you need to be done, determines with it is Designed in Half a Day, Designed in a Day or even Designed in Two Days.

* Important Note:

You are booking my time (either half a day, a full day or two days plus all the bonus time as outlined in the bonus section). Whilst the aim of Designed in a Day is to get your website live, this will very much depend on the feedback you provide during the day and changes to the scope, design, copy and brief as we work together. If a project isn't going to be finished on time due to changes being requested throughout the day, then you will have the option to book another Design Day (or Half Day) to complete it.

Different time zone? No problem!

Because of the way Designed in a Day works it doesn't matter if you aren't in my time-zone, I don't work the day after a design and so if I need to re-jig my day to match your day it's cool, I will just take it easy the next day.

Also on a Design Day you aren't needed for the first two to three hours anyway so by the time you get up, I'll have made a head start and will be ready to show you a first draft.

Or we can split the day into two half days if that works better. I work with client's all over the world and I've never had a problem yet!

Case Studies

You are probably curious about how much we can get done in a day.  Scroll through our case studies to show what has been achieved Designed in a Day, Designed in Half a Day or Designed in Two Days and read what our clients have to say about working with us and in this way!  Then click on each image to be taken through to the client's site so you can see for yourself! 

These are all real sites, with real clients and real testimonials!  Read more about the websites I design.

Designed in a Day

Website Design & Booking Facilities

Designed in a Day Case Studies v3 for We

All this is included!

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FREE 45 minute strategy call to ensure that you end up with a website that really does wow!

Bonus 4.png

Additional time after Design Day for design and copy tweaks

Bonus 2.png

Your very own interactive client portal, choc full of hints and tips to guide you through

Bonus 5.png

Bespoke training videos so you can manage & update yourself

Bonus 3.png

FREE 30 minute strategy call before Design Day so that we can hit the ground running

Bonus 6.png

30 days ongoing technical support by email

How Designed in a Day works

10 Reasons Why You'll Love
Designed in a Day

You'll love having my undivided attention for the day(!)

You'll love how fast it is, you can't get much faster than "Designed in a Day"!!

You'll love that it's a fun collaborative process and you can give real-time feedback as I'm working.

It's so EXCITING to see your brand and website take shape before your very eyes!

It's actually a less stressful way to get your website designed, because you are part of each stage of the process, from the strategy calls through to having your very own client portal that leads you step by step through the whole process so you know exactly what we need for each section of your website.

The process is super-efficient - for both of us!

You'll know exactly when I'll be starting on your site, working on it and when it will be ready to launch, allowing you to plan your launch in advance!

You'll not get stressed waiting for me to finish someone else's site or jump on your amendments, it's all there planned into the day

You'll feel empowered watching the site and your brand take shape.

It's super exciting to start the day with nothing and end the day with a website that is ready to launch!

What's your design style?

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