My zone of genius is showcasing yours by creating head-turning, income-generating websites

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Does your website & course design reflect your high ticket offer?  No?  My Zone of Genius is helping you showcase yours.  If you are ready to elevate your brand, by having top-notch systems and a website that inspires confidence but without the tech overwhelm, then Book a Discovery Call and let's have a no-obligation chat.

Thrive Online Computer
Thrive Online Computer

Thrive Online Web Design

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Personal branding
Personal branding

Personal branding and social media brand voice from Thrive Online

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Wedding industry web design
Wedding industry web design

Website design for wedding co-ordinators, celebrants and wedding and event hire businesses

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Thrive Online Computer
Thrive Online Computer

Thrive Online Web Design

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A bespoke website


in a Day

I've been designing websites for many years, so, I'm well placed to tell you, in all honesty, that the design process can be frustrating both for me and for my clients. It can all just take ... too long. Valuable time is spent emailing back and forth and waiting for images or copy, when all anyone really wants is to get the job done and done well!

I realised there is a way to streamline this process, to eliminate some of the irksome, time-wasting stuff, and get you up and running faster.


By working together, having a bullet-proof strategy that breaks your project down into manageable chunks, and by collating all the assets in advance, we can have your site ready to launch in one day. Yes, really!!

Book a no obligation, no hard-sell chat and let me see how I can elevate your online presence, without fuss, without faff and without the tech-headaches!




Performing or functioning in the best possible manner with the least waste of time and effort; having and using requisite knowledge, skill and industry; competent, capable, reliable

Thrive Online Branding




A complete 5 page brochure site to showcase your awesome

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An attention-grabbing, high-converting bespoke 5 page website, with one premium app such as appointments, optimised for the search engines and mobile responsive. Pay in full price £1,175 (no hidden fees).  Payment plan available


An advanced website with personalised "what next" launch strategy

Designed in a Day Advantage

You have your impact-creating, game-changing website, but now what?  Get the Advantage with a bespoke launch strategy & brand images to target your ideal client. Pay in full price £1,495 (no hidden fees).  Payment plan available

Designed by You


You want a professionally designed website but you are on a budget?

I hear you and I've got you!  You may just be starting out or you like to do things your way but you need a helping hand?  Designed by YOU is all about empowering you to design your own site.  Check out our templates, courses, workbooks and worksheets, there is something for every one and every budget!

Hi, I'm Nadine

I'm so much more than "just" a web designer. For a start, I've been trading online since my kids and the internet were in their infancy, I'm a coach, a strategist, and I'm passionate about helping small businesses, coaches and personal brands showcase their excellence online.  I take away all the overwhelm and tech headaches and I can help with everything, from transforming your vision into a reality, through to giving you the Advantage with my unique "what next" bespoke strategy coaching. I can even do it all and help with everything from identifying your ideal client, through to writing attention-grabbing copy too.

When I'm not helping people showcase their genius, you can find me drinking coffee (does pre-two-cups-of-coffee even exist as a thing?), running round after my three kids who treat my house like it has a revolving door, and looking after our various rescue dogs (it's not enough the kids return home after exotic travels, they come with extra dogs too!!).

Nadine Lewis | Certified Wix Website Designer

Case Studies

You are probably curious about how much we can get done in a day.  Scroll through our case studies to show what has been achieved in Designed in a Day, Designed in Half a Day or Designed in Two Days and read what our clients have to say about working with us and in this way.  Then click on each image to be taken through to the client's site so you can see for yourself!

These are all real sites, with real clients and real testimonials!  Read more about the websites I design.


What can be
Designed in a  Day?

No matter which design service you book, the process is the same, from strategy call to post design tech support, this is by far the most efficient way to work, saving you oodles of time and ultimately money!

Not in the UK?  No problem, I'll adjust to your time zone

Nadine Lewis | Thrive Online

Why you should trust me with your
Web  Design

It's not just about having a pretty website (though that helps!!)

  • You are receiving the benefit of all my experience in designing and building a website, that doesn't just look pretty but is actually a lead-generating, money-making machine.  Having traded online for 20 plus years since my children and the internet were in their infancy, I know what works and what doesn’t.

  • I get you!  I know how important this is for you and that is why we work together to give you the website you need and deserve.  I'm not just a web designer, I am a champion of small businesses, a National Business Award winner and a strategist.  

  • You will be blown away by the incredible client experience.  I can Design in a Day as I've spent many years honing my skills, my processes, the client portal and don’t forget all the pre and post design support.

  • I'm a Wix Legend (yep it's a thing apparently), Shopify Design Partner, SquareSpace Designer and of course I can design on WordPress, plus I have my very own, very easy to use bespoke platform which has been developed specifically for my clients to use without any overwhelm.  We will discuss the best platform for your project.

  • Your website will be bespoke and unique, designed especially for you and not from a template.  We work together to make sure that we get a look you are delighted with, that suits you, your brand and your personality

  • Your website will be optimised for the search engines - this doesn't guarantee a number one position on Google, but it does mean that your site is best placed to be listed by the major search engines.  It will also be mobile responsive as over 85% of website views now take place on a mobile.

  • Your site will have a really good strong call to action - your visitors will know exactly what you want them to do when they are on your website (ie, book a call, sign up for your newsletter, make a purchase, etc).

I need more info

Having your website designed (or redesigned) is a big deal, it is likely to be a big investment both in terms of time and money.  I want to be sure that we are a great fit for each other and so I've put together a whole load of questions I'm regularly asked.  Take a look through and feel free to reach out with anything you've not been able to find an answer for.

What's your design style?

Are you drawn to clean and simple websites with lots of white space or is bright, fun and funky more reflective of your personality? Do you crave sophistication or feel at peace with nature and all things natural?


Save oodles of time on research, by taking this short quiz to find out what style of website would suit you best.

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