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Expertly crafting your online presence

Blending bespoke website design with strategy coaching, we sculpt your distinct narrative into a captivating brand story that distinguishes you in the digital world.

Design in a Day: Expert Web Design That Brings Your Brand to Life in Just One Day!

Welcome to Thrive Online, where your brand's digital transformation unfolds in just one day. Specializing in rapid, high-quality website creation on the next-generation Wix Studio platform, we cater exclusively to solopreneurs, coaches, creators, and small businesses eager to make an impact online. Our 'Design in a Day' service ensures that from concept to launch, your vision is realised with precision and efficiency. Each site is expertly optimised for search engines and crafted to be mobile responsive, ensuring a head-turning and high-converting online presence. Partner with us for a game-changing experience and gain strategic insights to successfully navigate the digital world.

It's the Real Sing Website Designer

Simplifying the complex

By working together, using my bullet-proof strategy that breaks your project down into manageable chunks, and by collating all the assets in advance, we can have your Wix website Designed in a Day™ (or two if needing additional, storytelling, tech or ecommerce set-up).

Wix website designer

Top level Certified Wix Design Partner, Thrive Online has designing almost exclusively on the Wix Studio platform for over 9 years.  All our next-generation websites are totally bespoke; created from a blank screen, optimised for the search engines and mobile responsive.

Signature Services

Our signature services are designed to meet your specific online needs quickly and efficiently. "Designed in a Day" offers a rapid website overhaul, ensuring your site is up and running with a fresh look within 24 hours. For businesses looking to enhance their digital infrastructure, "Your Business by Design" provides a detailed approach to integrating essential tech tools, content creation and branding. If your site needs fine-tuning, "Fix Your Wix Site" focuses on real-time improvements and SEO optimisation during a productive 90-minute session. And for those starting out or needing a concise online presence, our "One Page Wonder" creates a streamlined, single-page website optimised for both mobile and search engines. Each of these services is crafted to elevate your digital presence with a personal touch.






Empowering solopreneurs, coaches, and small businesses to break through the digital noise with head-turning web design, income-generating business strategies, and attention-grabbing marketing solutions. Let's revolutionise your online presence and magnetise your ideal audience!

Nadine Lewis

Your Certified Wix Website Designer and Online Strategy Coach

With nearly 25 years of experience in shaping digital landscapes, I've earned my stripes in web design and strategic online positioning. As a top-level certified Wix Web Designer, I have created over 300 websites, each a blend of aesthetic precision and functional brilliance.


My journey has taken me from securing product placements with major retailers such as Boots, Mothercare, and Asda to speaking at the Houses of Parliament on entrepreneurship and winning a National Business Award.

I channel my passion into empowering businesses to stand out online. My signature service, 'Designed in a Day,' and my efficient approach in 'Fix Your Wix Site,' are crafted to transform and elevate your digital identity quickly and effectively. My method is straightforward yet deeply personalised, guiding clients to clarify their vision and amplify their presence in the digital world.

When I'm not designing or strategising, you will find me fuelled by coffee, enjoying long daily walks with my rescue dog, or embracing my newfound love for strength training at the gym.  I've navigated being a working single parent to three bright ambitious young adults and I'm now relishing having time and space to focus on my personal and business growth.

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