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You need an attention-grabbing, money-making brand & website but then what?  Advantage gives you full brand assets, a more comprehensive website plus a personalised strategy to attract your ideal clients


in two days


(yes really ... and without any tech headaches!)

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My Zone of Genius is to help you showcase yours!


Let's Showcase your Awesome

Get the Advantage!

You need a slightly bigger, more complex website (about 8-10 pages and up to 3 premium apps) with full branding. Advantage gives you all that but that's just the start!

You'll have your top-notch, attention-grabbing website designed just the way you imagined (because hey let's not forget that this is my Zone of Genius) but then what?  People will suddenly start flocking to your site, right?


Well, sorry but it just doesn't work that way!  Your website will be optimised for the search engines (they all are) but you still need to let your ideal clients (and hey maybe some not-so-ideal but they may know someone that is ideal).

With Advantage we focus on the "What Next" with a personalised plan to launch your website (see more below).

The Advantage

We've created your aspirational website that can scale as your business grows.  You feel confident about sharing it and can't wait to fill your calendar or your order book, but who do you show it to, where are your ideal clients hanging out and how do you get in front of them?

With Advantage, I also give you the tools and knowledge to help you wrap your head around all the social media options available and pick which one's are most relevant to you, plus a 1:1 coaching session to help you put into place your "what next" strategy as well as many other essentials including post and blog content ideas and the best tools to use to achieve success.

The idea is to have a really neat strategy, you won't be trying to be all things to all people on all platforms, you will have a personalised plan of action on how and where to concentrate your efforts.

Advantage includes two days of my time, so we can concentrate more on strategy for your brand, for your website and for your social media, as well as ensuring that all your assets are on-brand, so you may receive some initial images to help you launch (for example) or maybe even a blog post or social media post or two.  Because this service is personalised and totally bespoke I don't just throw stuff at you and hope that some of it is useful, I give you tools and assets specific to you.

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Your investment includes a host of bonuses with a total value of £1,695 that are included in the price of your Design Day.

All website design packages include a mobile responsive website and search engine optimisation.  Read more.


£1,695 pay in full
(saving £250)


£695 deposit plus
5 monthly payments of £250

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An advanced site with branding to showcase & launch your business 

Includes all of this:

  • 8 page advanced website with 3 premium features such as integrated calendar & booking, blog, galleries

  • Brand out from the crowd workbook

  • Extra long, 60 minute strategy call

  • 30 minute kick off call

  • 15 hours design time (to include any brand assets)

  • Full brand assets for your social media

  • "What Now" social media coaching inc 1:1 coaching session

  • Exclusive interactive client portal

  • 1 hour for post design tweaks

  • Bespoke training videos

  • 28 days ongoing support

  • FREE domain name (12 months)

  • FREE 12 months website hosting

All this is included!

Yes, you really are getting an eye-watering (up-to) £1,275 worth of bonuses included in your Designed in a Day investment!

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up to 45 minute strategy call to ensure that you end up with a website that really does wow!

up to £195 value but the value it adds to your business is limitless

Bonus 4.png

An hour additional time after Design Day for design and copy tweaks

up to £150 value (can we put such a low value on peace of mind)

Bonus 2.png

Your very own interactive client portal, choc full of hints and tips to guide you through

£300 value, although to my clients this is priceless

Bonus 5.png

Bespoke training videos so you can manage & update yourself

£150 value but being able to update your own site will save you a fortune

Bonus 3.png

1st years hosting & domain name included with all Designed in a Day website designs

£180 value, excludes ecommerce hosting and payable per annum

Bonus 6.png

14 days ongoing technical support by email

up to £300 value



Why I offer this!

I work with my clients to provide them with a fabulous website that is optimised for the search engines, mobile responsive and full of calls to action.

But then they don't know what to do with it, how to attract their "dream client" to visit their website in order to be able to sell their products or services to them.  They have no idea of the "now what?", they just thought that once the website was built, their order books would mysteriously become full!

Sadly this just isn't the case.  You need a strategy to drive people to your website (at least initially), you need to step out and be loud and proud and speak to the right people wherever they may hang out - whether that is Pinterest, Facebook Groups, Instagram or LinkedIn.

We start off with a 121 coaching call to identify this because it is impossible to be all things to all people.  We put together a plan of action (or a "War Plan" as I like to call it) and they are filled with confidence (and a few starter graphics (branded) along with list of content ideas that they can use so they never run out of things to say and more importantly they are focussed and clear on who they are talking to and where to find them.

How Advantage works

What's your design style?

Are you drawn to clean and simple websites with lots of white space or is bright, fun and funky more reflective of your personality? Do you crave sophistication or feel at peace with nature and all things natural?


Save oodles of time on research by taking this short quiz to find out what style of website would suit you best.

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10 Reasons why you'll love getting
The Advantage

  1. You'll love having my undivided attention to work on your project and only your project

  2. You'll love how hassle free it is, no waiting for weeks for me to answer an email or action your feedback, it's all just done within your two allocated Design Days.

  3. You'll love that it's a fun collaborative process and you can give real-time feedback as I'm working.

  4. It's so EXCITING to see your brand and website take shape before your very eyes!

  5. It's actually a less stressful way to get your website designed, because you are part of each stage of the process, from the strategy calls through to having your very own client portal that leads you step by step through the whole process so you know exactly what we need for each section of your website.

  6. The process is super-efficient for both of us!

  7. You know exactly when I'll be starting your site, working on it and when it will be ready to launch and you will have a full launch plan and strategy ready to go

  8. You'll not get stressed waiting for me to finish someone else's site or jump on your amendments, it's all there planned in advance!

  9. You'll feel empowered watching the site and your brand take shape.

  10. It's mega exciting to start the day with nothing and end the day with a website ready to launch!