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Stop spending money on training courses, memberships, masterminds and so on

Get Unstuck

in 90 mins*

with a 1-2-1 clarity session when we will focus purely on you and your business


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Stop doing all the things!

Sometimes we get stuck in our business, we don't know how to move to the next level or we aren't sure how to brand ourselves, it may be that you have "lost your voice" you don't know who your audience is any more and you don't know how to bring in the clients.  So you do a training course, followed by joining a membership but those still haven't given you the answers so you join a Mastermind spending serious money but still there's that feeling that you're missing something.

How do I know this?  Because I've been there and I have spent the money (and a lot of it) but I know that the best way to get unstuck is to talk it through with someone that can ask the right questions, someone who has years of experience in building businesses, coaching, strategy and has just plain old common sense by the tonne!!

So grab a coffee and let's sit and talk, either in person or by zoom, let's work out what is really blocking you, we will put in place some strategy and some pattern disrupters and if you are so inclined we can use EFT (tapping) to clear away some of that negative energy in order to reset.

Grab your coffee

So will a 90 minute chat with your new business bestie really solve all your problems?

Well no but what it will do is give you some one-to-one time focussing solely on what is bothering you.  Quite often the answers to your blocks are right there in front of your nose but you can't see for looking, other times it's not so simple but by digging really deep we can certainly get a handle on what the ***real*** issues are - so many times we think the issue is one thing but really it is something completely different.

This is your session and so what we focus on is purely up to you but here are some suggestions:-

  • Personal branding

  • What is stopping you taking your business to the next level

  • Why aren't people buying from you

  • Why isn't your website converting

  • Your social media isn't working - let's figure out why not - is it your message, are you talking to the "wrong" audience or even using the wrong platform

  • Your latest launch flopped, let's figure out together why that happened

  • Your business has grown and now you need to figure out how to push through the next glass ceiling

  • How you can transition from a traditional business model into an online one.

The list is endless, read below "why work with me" if you are unsure as to whether I can help.

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Your investment is a lot less than most of the courses and memberships you belong to!  Plus you can split it down into two easy monthly payments!

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£175 pay in full
(saving £15)


2 monthly payments of £95

A 90 minute zoom (or in person) call that focuses solely on your business

  • Overcome self-doubt

  • Figure out how to move your business forward

  • Put in place strategies

  • Work on your mindset

  • Fun and interactive, you'll be amazed at what we can get through in 90 minutes

10 Reasons why you'll love having me as your business bestie

  1. As one of my recent client's told me "I know my sh!t" and she's right, I do!

  2. You get to spend quality time with me focussing solely on YOUR business, no more taking courses after course trying to find the answer hidden deep inside some video.

  3. I keep it real, I'm not a traditional coach that has set questions that I ask everyone and you find your own answers, we work through your issues together so that you have that "aha moment" and can move forward.

  4. I spent four years going into failing multi-million pound businesses - all of them are still here today, I'm not scared of challenging you and your ideas in order to really get to the bottom of what is holding you back (and I absolutely guarantee that it isn't going to be the thing you tell me but something hiding sneakily behind that big boy waiting to be found out).  It is when we really get into the nitty gritty that the real magic happens.

  5. I've had some big businesses - and I have also made huge mistakes - but I learned from them, picked myself up, dusted myself down and came back bigger and better.

  6. I'm a National Business Award winner - and in my category were the CEO of Orange, Bank of Scotland and two other global companies (and guess who won!!!), I've spoken in the House of Common's to the Select Committee for Entrepreneurship and for some reason ended up sat next to the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England at a lunch so that we could talk small business and their contribution to the economy.

  7. I've been working with small businesses, solopreneurs and personal brands for over 20 years, it's what I do and what I love and my experience and sensible approach has helped 100s of people become unstuck and move forward.

  8. It's fun and interactive, there's no big jargon or baffling tech-speak, it is straightforward chat and actionable points.  

  9. I'm a huge fan of pattern unblockers, I'm happy to practice EFT with you to help clear some negative energy or if that isn't your bag (and I know it's not everyone's) we will put in place some other activities that can help disrupt the negative feelings and thoughts - raise your vibration, raise your game!

  10. I promise you'll leave invigorated and excited to overcome your challenges (but as a word of warning, I give you the tools and ideas but it's you that will have to implement them (with a little check-in from me periodically to make sure you are keeping on track).


Book & Pay in Full

Schedule your appointment and pay in full:  £175

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*Second instalment will be automatically deducted after 30 days.