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Frequently  Asked  Questions

Questions, we all have them!  I'm very transparent in the way I work and I appreciate that the designed in a day process is not for everyone and so I'd rather that we both have a better design experience than us end up frustrated and upset with each other.  After all, I only want to work with people who will be delighted with their experience.

Design Days are for you if:

You are ready to have a website that matches your high ticket offer

You are able to follow a workbook and be in a position to provide the content

You can make a quick decision, be decisive and provide clear feedback

You appreciate that you will have to put time to one side in order to prioritise your web design project and understand that after design day it's finished and won't drag on months

Design Days are not for you if:

You aren't ready to invest in your website and/or business

You will struggle to provide the content for the website

You are indecisive and can't make snap decisions

You're not able to commit time prior to your design day to work on your content and you will struggle to be available throughout your design day to provide immediate feedback