Fix Your Website

in 90 mins*

In a 1-2-1 session via zoom (and screen sharing), I'll show you how to fix your website
(yes really)!


Your Wix Expert


Let's get your Wix website fixed

You've designed your own website and as proud as you are having done it all yourself, somehow it just doesn't appear to be enticing people to buy from you and you don't yet have the money to hire someone to design you a super-professional website design.

Well I have your back!  We will hop on a zoom call for 90 minutes and through the magic of screensharing I'll show you how we can fix your site, have it optimised for mobile, I will even show you the basics of search engine optimisation.  I'll tidy up the site with you watching and learning as we go and in 90 minutes I'll more than likely have covered off the home page or the vast majority of it.

Think of this as having a website tidy up by one of Wix's most senior design partners and a private coaching session so you can learn how to do the rest of the site yourself!

Not only that you get a recording of the session to play back whenever you need it.

Stop Stressing!

I've been designing websites on Wix for over 7 years and trading online over 21 years, hell I even Design Websites in a Day, so you'll be amazed at what we can get through in just 90 minutes!

During our time together (and this will vary depending on your own individual website and circumstances) we will cover off some or all of the following:-

  • Setting up global fonts and colours so every time you add something, it adds it in a consistent style

  • I'll show you how to work with strips and how to manipulate them so that your website looks completely bespoke.

  • We will go through the fundamentals of building your site so that it is mobile responsive so you only need to go in and tweak bits and pieces in the mobile editor

  • We will look at the whole presentation of your website and how it can be improved, think of this as a mini-makeover - it's not a full redesign but a tickle up of what you already have.

  • You'll witness first hand the website begin to take shape and input into how you want it to look (remember this isn't a full web design)!

  • I'll talk you through the fundamentals of making sure your site is optimised for the search engines.

  • You'll get to ask questions as we go along to make sure you understand everything so you can maintain your site yourself afterwards.

  • You get a recording of the session so that you can refer back to it later.

Stressed Man



Your investment is a lot less than having your site redesigned and most group training courses  training courses.  Plus you can split it down into two easy monthly payments!

Fix your Website_edited.jpg

£175 pay in full (launch offer)
(saving £15)


2 monthly payments of £95

A 90 minute zoom (or in person) call that focuses solely on fixing your Wix website

  • Mini-Makeover

  • Interactive - be involved & ask questions

  • Recorded Zoom session for you to watch over and over

10 Reasons why you'll love working with me on your website

  1. As one of my recent client's told me "I know my sh!t" and she's right, I do!

  2. I know Wix inside-out and back-to-front and will be able to fix most issues (or I have access to a helpline for senior design partners if I can't fix something)

  3. This is the next best thing to having a site professionally designed

  4. You'll get to pick up hints and tips from a Wix expert

  5. You are fully involved and the time will be tailored to your own individual needs

  6. You'll love having my undivided attention, no other emails, no phone calls just you and me working to iron out any problems or design issues with your site

  7. Learn from an expert how to ensure that your site is mobile responsive and optimised for the search engines

  8. You can ask me anything you want during our call

  9. I've been designing on the Wix platform for over 7 years

  10. I'm an award winning entrepreneur and you will be benefitting from my 21+ years of trading on the internet!


Book & Pay in Full

Schedule your appointment and pay in full:  £175

Book & Pay in Instalments

Schedule your appointment and pay first instalment of £95*

*Second instalment will be automatically deducted after 30 days.