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5 reasons you may not be selling anything through your e-commerce website

I used to own two e-commerce websites, one of them held top three positions on Google for every single combination of keywords we had and became the market-leader for our product so I know a few things about selling online.

These are my top 5 reasons why you may be struggling to sell online - take a look and if any resonate with you, make the changes.

1) Your photos are awful! OK they may not be awful but they may not be great and this is the number one reason people don't hang around a website and purchase. Inspire confidence in your buyer, show them photos that will make them want to purchase from you, even the most mundane items in the world get a lift with awesome photography. You don't need to pay a fortune, phones have incredible cameras these days, take a snap (in focus!!) and then download an app on your phone and remove the background, add in something that is clean and professional looking, add a shadow (usually at the tap of a button) and then upload it to your website. If you have the budget then maybe get a few photos taken of your most popular products (or the products you want to sell, don't do them all at once trial a few and see what the uptake is.

2) Your price's aren't being shown prominently or you have confusing prices. Don't make it difficult for people to buy from you, display your price prominently and without fuss, if you have tiered pricing then show your pricing clearly.

3) Your product titles (and categories) aren't optimised for the search engines. Now listen to me because I'm going to say this loud and clear, if you are selling a blue ball point pen, call it that because that is what people will search for (or at least have that as part of your name). Do not, I repeat **** do not **** call it The Susan or The Mildred or whatever. If you absolutely must, then call it The Susan Blue Ballpoint Pen but include those keywords in there. It is the same for your categories. Call them by your keywords or include them into your category names.

4) You're not giving your customers a reason to buy from YOU. The know, like, trust factor runs across e-commerce. Just because you're not selling a service doesn't mean you don't have to engage with your visitors and customers. Of course some people will only shop based on price but others will buy into you and the nice warm fuzzy feeling they get when they visit your website or shop!

5) People can't find what they're looking for - usually because you've buried it deep within your website and they have to click through to a main category, click through to a sub-category and possibly even click again to a sub-sub-category. Maybe your search isn't good enough - again this comes down to what you call your products (remember calling something "The Susan" or "The Agatha" isn't just bad for the search engines it is really bad for your internal search. You can use product tags or keywords to help with internal search.

If you would like to discuss your e-commerce needs with someone who has been there and done it (very successfully) feel free to book in a no-obligation chat.

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