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But how do you get it all done in one day?

This is the number one question I'm asked in a discovery call.

The truth is that the design element is one day, the real magic starts way before and by the time we get to design day all the various elements fit into place seamlessly.

The strategy call we have at the beginning helps me really get to grips with what you want from your website, who you are targeting, what action you want people to take when they are there and what your personal style likes and dislikes are.

This is where the true magic happens.

Then you get access to my client portal. This is where the true magic happens. I'm never sure what to call the portal and so if you can think of something more appropriate let me know! It is a hybrid between collecting all the text and images I will need for your website and it is part coaching where I guide you through what I need from you and give you an absolute shit tonne of examples, with diagrams and pretty little infographics. It basically walks you through HOW to write your content - so I don't just ask for an about section, I show you how to write it strategically for both the search engines and your visitors. I guide you through how to write your headlines and why things need to be broken down in a way that will ease your visitors through and then take action.

It has been developed over the past few years, and to be honest I had forgotten the pure value and magic in there until I did a kick off call with the client yesterday who said that at first he was a bit like "whaaaaaaatttt" but then as he went through the portal and skipped the bits that weren't relevant to him, the rest came together quite quickly and he couldn't believe how much it had made him rethink his website from a user perspective.

It didn't just materialise out of nowhere

My portal (or other name to be decided) didn't just materialise out of nowhere, it's the culmination of years of experience. It guides you and holds your hand and hopefully breaks down the overwhelm for you too.

It's my sprinkling of magic onto your project and right at the very heart of my design days for a reason!

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