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Close the deal (Why you need a website: reason 4)

Updated: Feb 19

If you were in a traditional business, you'd have your sales meeting, shake hands and close the deal.

But doing that with an online business is much harder. You can't shake hands at the end of a conversation, so how do you make sure that warm lead becomes a client?

This is where your website comes in. Your website should host your calendar or a link to your payment provider or course. It's where you send your leads to seal the deal. Make sure the calls to action are very clear - "book your session here" or "view course" button's should be clearly visible as should links to your calendar or payment gateways. Don't leave it for your visitors to find what you want them to do. Make it really damn obvious.

Even if they aren't ready to seal the deal, still send someone to your website to:

- read more about you

- find and sign up to all your social media channels in one place

- download your freebie

- subscribe to your newsletter

Your website is your space on the internet to signpost your client or potential client to take the next steps with you, whatever those are.

Close the deal!

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