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Do I actually need a website?

I've always been deadly honest and said to people that if you are rocking social media and you are getting sales then no, you don't. But twice in the past month I've been approached by people to see if I can help get their social media accounts restored after they were deleted for unknown breaches.

In a single moment these people had had their livelihoods quite literally wiped out. Neither of them had a website. Neither of them had been building an email list or had any way of knowing who their followers and audience were away from their social media platforms. It was like they had lost EVERYTHING!

So here are 3 reasons I think for why it's important to have your own website.

Reason #1

You don't want to put all your eggs in one basket just in case the very worst happens and you lose your accounts and income. (I'm also not saying you should ONLY have a website, always have a mix!)

Reason #2

Set yourself up as The Expert in your field ... by sharing your knowledge and wisdom on your own blog.

All those great value filled posts you put on Facebook or Instagram? The ones you take ages writing but only have a shelf life of a few hours (or if you are really lucky a day or so).

Simply copy and paste them into your blog to make them evergreen.

I drip feed mine out - one a week so there's always fresh content on my site.

And ... if you're really clever, you can then turn that one blog post into 8-10 unique pins on Pinterest, giving that one post a really extended life!

Reason #3

People will try and look you up, especially if they are interested in working with you.

I have this crazy-assed vision that if someone wants to work with you then you should have a website that reflects your brand (and that includes your personal brand ... even if you don't think you have one, if you are in business you have a brand, even if it is a side-hustle - your brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and is often the difference between people choosing to work with you or not).

Your website doesn't have to be complex and it doesn't have to have masses upon masses of pages but it needs to be a reflection on you, your personality and instil trust and "buy vibes".

I've no idea where to start with this!

That's where I can help. I offer three levels of service.

1) The VIP Experience - two weeks from start to finish, unlimited access to me, bespoke fully optimised website at the end.

2) Designed in a Day - a head-turning, lead-generating website Designed in a Day.

3) Designed for You - money-making, lead-generating, expert-establishing and talent-showcasing website templates that you can edit yourself (with a series of mini how-to videos and swipe files).

I feel it is so important whatever level of investment you can afford, that your website is making you money - or at the very least doesn't turn people off working with you!

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