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How to use your website to build trust with potential clients

I was driving around today looking for somewhere to grab a quick sandwich and I passed two sandwich shops in close proximity so parked up. I was very naturally drawn to the one with the great logo and branding outside and barely even glanced in the direction of the one a couple of doors up that looked really grotty.

Based purely on first impressions - cool branding, nicely laid out cafe area, little hand drawn cartoons/illustrations in the window, the place looked modern, warm and inviting and it was an absolute no brainer for me to go in there. For now I'll ignore the fact that the sandwich was pretty mediocre!

Now I don't know if it is because I'm in the visual marketing game and this is what I do for a living but I always notice great branding (and not just a pretty logo, the brand extends to the whole "shop window" and the way it makes me feel as a potential customer).

Think about it and be honest with yourself - faced with two sandwich shops, that both offer similar menus and without knowing anything about it, would you be drawn to the one that looks the part, with cool windows and lovely external branding or would you go check out the non-descript slightly old fashioned looking butty shop next door?

My bet is that you would rather go for the one that looks more professional and looks as if it delivers an excellent lunch. This was a very long analogy sorry but the principles apply to your business. Someone landing on your website for the first time is going to take a nano-second to form an impression of you and the services you offer. You may have the best damn sandwiches in the world but the chances are that the person who stumbles onto your site wouldn't hang around long enough to find out! That first impression counts. Use it wisely! Read my top four tips for a fabulous home page or better still why not book a discovery call and let's talk about how we can take you out of website shame into website fame!

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