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I cut through the bull and give it to you straight!

Why should you work with me?

I cut through the bull and give it to you straight!

I had a great session recently with an incredibly talented coach as she prodded and probed around what makes me stand out and why people should work with me.

This is something I really struggled to articulate, but here it is (I got there all on my own ... sort of). It was like pulling teeth I dare say, for her, but I'm so used to shining a light on my client's that I forget to shine my own light and step into my own power.

So here it is:


I am really no-nonsense - if I don't think something is a good idea or a good investment for you, I'll tell you! I could stretch jobs out and sell all sorts you don't want or need by blinding you with science but I don't. If something is going to cost a lot of money and even though it may be on your wishlist if it isn't going to make its original investment back then I'll advise you to put it on a back burner.

Not Patronising

I won't patronise you - if you don't get something, it's no big deal, we will go over it until you do. Sometimes even though I don't think something is particularly techie, I forget that even basic stuff can cause overwhelm. So it really is no biggie. I'll just try again and rephrase until you are happy.

I do it because I can!

I Design in a Day because I can! There's no shortcuts, no templates, you don't get less for your money. It is a full working website that is optimised for the search engines and mobile responsive with a range of premium apps and plug-ins and nobody other than you and me would ever know that we spent just one day pulling it together. The reason I can do it is simple. I automate what I can (so there are automated reminders letting you know things are due). My proposals are fairly non-specific because you are effectively buying my time so the deliverables are tailored to whatever you need during our time together.

I cut out the bull

My client portal cuts out all the bull. It is part content collection (where you tell me what you want the website to say) and part coaching (where I show you how to write it so that it takes a lot less time and effort for you). It's been put together after YEARS of doing this stuff, I know what you need for a lead-generating website and I show you exactly how to pull it all together.

I get into your head

In our strategy calls I really get into your head. By the end I know what you like, what you don't like, who you are attracting. I help you see this clearly too and I help you to put in place plans to attract that type of visitor. These calls aren't scripted because each client is different and each conversation is different. There's no cookie cutter with any of my Designed in a Day clients because every one is different and every single one has different needs.

I "get" people

I'm great at connecting with people and just “getting them” very quickly (that was from my coach, not me, I would never have come up with that, but I can admit it is true!!)

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