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I got it wrong! and I'll happily admit it!

Recently I released my first set of industry-based website templates and, almost immediately, something felt really off-base and they just weren't feeling aligned. I was being inundated with questions to produce specific templates for specific business types and I realised that it had the potential of getting very time-consuming and very overwhelming very quickly.

I had developed the potential of having to feed a monster.

So I pulled them from sale.

My whole business is set up around no-bull, no-overwhelm and making things really simple yet I had developed the potential of having to feed a monster.

With the benefit of this experience and my many years as a website designer, I sat down and worked out what was ACTUALLY needed rather than what I wanted to create (because let's face it, I'd sit and design all day and do nothing else if I could).

A website needs to perform one of four functions!

I realised that for most of my clients, their website needs to perform one of four functions:


1) Money-making website - this is typically an e-commerce website or online shop with a beautiful gallery to showcase products or digital services. Categories set up and bite-sized, how-to videos to set up product options, etc.


2) Lead-generating website - for coaches, course creators, consultants and professionals. This typically includes lead-magnets to build an email list, have a calendar or booking facility or sell programmes or services. Still a money-making website in many ways but not as obvious as just an e-commerce site. Ideal for VAs, course-creators, coaches, digital-creators, professionals.


3) Expert-establishing website - a website that provides more in-depth information on both the business and the services. Generally includes a blog and additional pages to really showcase expertise, as well as testimonials. Of course the site also needs to generate leads and have strong calls to action, that goes without saying! Typical users of this template would be nutritionists, coaches, consultants, lawyers, accountants etc.


4) Talent-showcasing website - a place where they can display their past work, projects and photos, build subscribers and followers, with plenty of calls to action. Typical users would be artists, yoga-teachers, crafters, graphic-designers, estate-agents, etc.

Obviously there is some crossover between the templates because they are all designed to be high-converting.

They can be fully customised

The templates are built on the new Wix Editor (2.0) which means that they can be fully customised and changed in no more than an hour or two. I provide step-by-step bite-sized videos explaining how to change each section (and honestly you need to do no more than click on a pencil icon and everything you need to change is there). To rebrand the templates, to change the colours and fonts is at the click of just one button.

EVERYTHING needed to be up and running in a few hours

They also come with EVERYTHING needed to be up and running in a few hours, swipe-sheets, fill-in-the-blanks, workbooks, headline suggestions, you name it there will be something in there to help you move forward and be up and running in a few hours.

This is what 22+ years experience of trading online and this is 9+ years of designing high-converting website looks like!

This is EXACTLY what you need to move your business forward.

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