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I want to be on page one of google!

Well don’t we all sunshine, don’t we all!

A page one position is the holy grail of web activity. There are so many factors involved - for example, length of time a website or domain is active, foot-fall to the website, links in and out of the website, social media “noise” about the site, what the competition is like for your key search terms, how much your competitors spend on paid advertising - if they pay a lot then their traffic is increased and that helps their organic listings etc.

In order for your site to be listed on page one, another site will have to drop down the rankings and you need to give Google a damn good reason to do that.

Getting on to page one is a very long and often expensive process and I never make false promises about how that can be achieved.

Which is why I will never guarantee a page one position for anything including your business name. What I do guarantee though is that because I optimise your site as I go along, it is in the best possible position it can be to be ranked.

When I Fix your Wix site, optimisation is part of the service as well as it being included in all bespoke web designs (and even my web design templates are optimised for the search engines).

So is trying to get to page one a lost cause these days for a small business? No but it will take time, effort and sometimes an investment.

Biggest tip, is content is king - always has been always will be. Good quality content that is updated regularly is a must. So more pages and/or blog posts with internal links to your main site content will help. Keep at it, keep showing your website some love, and Google will show it some love in return. There’s nothing worse for SEO than a website that has been uploaded into the ether and left to decay in a rotting corner, keep watering your little flower bed and eventually you’ll get some flowers!

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