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It's not too late

When did you last take a look at your website?

I ask for a very good reason, well numerous reasons really.

  1. Wix has been doing some updates behind the scenes (basically they are always doing updates but this is a biggie - they are moving to what they call “Editor 2.0”) and I've found a few of the older sites particularly aren't in great shape now. Especially on mobile. It may well be worth you loading your site up to make sure it all looks ok. They are still rolling out the updates - my own site hasn't had it yet but I've seen plenty of other sites that have (it may be the size of the site that determined the order - or the complexity I've not worked it out yet why some have the update whilst others don't).

  2. You should always be going in and doing bits and pieces on your website, if you show your website some love, so will Google who hates nothing more than a site uploaded and just left to gather cobwebs.

  3. When you've not looked at it for a while and then take a look with a fresh pair of eyes you can often seen things that could do with a bit of a refresh or an update, maybe something has changed since you last updated your site, for example, you could be offering new services and haven't added them in or using new methods, there's often something you should be doing to update your site.

  4. Your site may just be feeling a bit dated now and may need a refresh.

It's not too late to get your website in order for the key selling period that we are coming in to. You just need to put a little bit of time aside to work on your business not in your business.

A quick complimentary audit

If you'd like me to undertake a quick complimentary audit - where I will take a look (desktop only - it doesn't include a mobile review) and give you some hints and tips, please feel free to request one (I'll drop the link below). This is particularly aimed at Wix sites but I'm more than happy to look at any sites on any platforms.

I also offer a Fix your Wix website service which is a 90 minute tidy up of your website, live with you on zoom (you get a recording of it) where I show you how to really work with Wix to get a professional looking website. It's not a redesign but a tidy up complete with training and honestly the people who have used this service have all raved about it. It's like a 1:1 training session and mini-makeover all in one. Again I'll drop a link below!

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