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My zone of genius is helping you showcase yours!

During my process of rediscovery I realised the thing that totally lights me up and is truly my zone of genius is helping my clients showcase theirs.⁠

This is for many reasons, not least because I have a problem with coming out of the shadows myself. I have a really good reason for that and it is because I've talked it through with a coach that I now know why I find it so difficult putting myself front and centre.

My first business was a huge success, I had product in all of the major high street stores and supermarkets, not just in the UK but in the US and Australia. I had become central to the business and most of the PR was centred around me as a mum of three kids under 3 when I set up and how I grew this incredible "thing" with a complete life of it's own. When I lost the business (mainly through naivety) the newspapers went to town on me, not only did I have the dubious honour of being front page news (yeh I know slow news day) but there were also sandwich boards outside the local newsagents carrying my name and headline too). ⁠

Deepest joy, since then without realising it, I have firmly been queen of being invisible. That doesn't mean I don't know what to do. Quite the opposite as I did it again for my second business (without me being the story).⁠

I guess in many ways I'm lucky as I'm a natural story teller, and the writing and ideas just flow. I don't use or even have a list of "what to post today" and I don't follow any social media calendars because I just write from the heart and whatever pops into my head at the time (ok admittedly this isn't a great strategy as such but it does mean I'm able to keep things real).

Then I started to use all this knowledge to help others and well the rest is confined to history.⁠

Being business savvy and being visible and knowing what to do and say is a real gift I think and I really do love to use everything I've learned over the past 20 odd years to benefit my clients, it feels like a gift to be able to pass on this experience and knowledge.

There's so many ways I can help and they're all showcased on my website but the best way to start is to book a completely free, no obligation chat so that we can get to grips with how I can best help.

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