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People buy from people (no sh*t Sherlock)

People buy from people. Fact! That doesn't even need discussing so why are so many of us (myself included and right at the top of the list) so happy to stay lurking in the shadows and not be seen? ⁠

For me that is an easy one to answer, I think over the past few years I've lost who I am. My self-doubt voice was "look at all these pretty young things", "they are so much younger and prettier so therefore they must be so much more capable, more in tune with trends and so on" but it's too easy to hide behind those excuses the real reason is that over the past few years for lots of reasons I feel as if I lost my voice. "Why would people listen to me anyway", "why would anyone want to see my face popping up in their social media"?, "what value could I possible add to enrich people's lives", "it is my work that should count people don't need to see me" or my current favourite is "but look at all the pretty graphics I put out with great quotes written by other people who say things so much better than me".⁠

Lies, all lies! My clients buy into me because of my experience, because I'm not just a pretty young thing (ok I'm not that at all), they know I keep them accountable and my wealth of knowledge I'm only too happy to share through my processes and systems. Shock horror, they also see me on Zoom or in face to face meetings so they do get to see the real me and buy from the real me.⁠

So here is the real me - albeit with makeup on!⁠

Does any of this resonate with you? Can I help you see the worth of you or being more visible? Do you have images of you on your website? ⁠

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