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Perfectly imperfect

One of the biggest challenges my client's face (and to be fair I get it after my relaunch and redesign) is the fear of everything not being quite perfect when you put it out to the world.⁠

But (and I need to get this tattoo'd on my forehead) your website at launch should be imperfect. Yep honestly!! I'm not talking about huge glaring errors but if it is missing an odd comma here or there or if something isn't quite sitting in the exact spot you had envisaged or even if you aren't 100% sure on a photo, it doesn't matter. Because your website should CONSTANTLY be evolving. Google wants to see you showing your website some love, it wants to know that you haven't just created this perfect vision to end up sitting in a cobwebey corner of the internet gathering dust.⁠

So be #perfectlyimperfect what is the saying? To err is human and all that!⁠

The main thing is you are sharing your brilliance with the world!⁠

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