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Should I stay or should I go?

Updated: Feb 18

Even if you are really hating on your website and desperately want to move to another platform, I always ask my clients to stop and think about the impact moving will have on their SEO.

All the platforms have a different page structure for example blog.Yourwebsite .com could be your on another platform.

Really think about the impact on your business

If you already have good rankings you need to really think about the impact on your business.  You can do something called a 301 redirect which involves mapping out all the old page URLs (names) and then mapping what the new page URLs will be.  This can be a slow and laborious task and often isn’t straight forward if you delete pages or merge pages etc on your new site.

You also should take into consideration when you do the move how many internal links you have because all those will need changing as well.

Most of my clients bounce back higher than they were before

Regardless when you move platforms often there is a temporary dip in traffic but then most of my clients bounce back higher than they were before because the site is better structured and optimised for the search engines.

I do move plenty of sites, I’m currently moving a WordPress through to a Wix site because the benefits for this client outweighs any potential loss of rankings and the clients want to be able to manage the site themselves rather than pay a third party for ongoing maintenance.

No one trick ponies here

This week, however, I’m working on a site that will remain in WordPress.  I didn’t want to take the chance with the rankings and he has a very established site.

Whilst my platform of choice is Wix, I am a Shopify design partner and I can design on WordPress and SquareSpace - no one trick ponies here!

Should I stay or should I go?  Whether to change platforms or not

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