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Should you display your prices on your website?

Short answer: YES


OK disclaimer that is obviously just my *opinion* but here's the reasoning as to why I'm a mad advocate of showing your pricing on your website and here is the reasons why!

Top 5 objections to showing your pricing answered:

1) What if someone can't afford my services/product, I don't even get chance to have a chat with them?

We all have an infinite number of working hours in the day and wouldn't you rather spend your time woo'ing potential clients that can afford your fees than spending time with those that in all reality usually just want to pick your brain or waste your time?

If someone can't afford you right now that doesn't mean they won't be able to afford you in the future. By all means draw them into your world by offering a freebie or maybe an odd lower priced product or a discount voucher to get on your mailing list etc.

2) What if I'm too cheap for that potential client and they could've/would've paid more?

If someone wants to work with you they will be attracted to your vibe, if you are consistently having those clients say they'd have paid more for your product or service then listen to that and look at upping your pricing. This is a fabulous article on how to get your pricing right.

3) I don't want my competitors to know how much I'm charging?

This is a more tricky one because I've had horrible experiences with competitors when selling product, approaching MY manufacturer who had manufactured MY designs (medical jewellery), and I had to pay for plates and moulds and minimum order quantities, time developing the products and all sorts of hidden costs and then then went and were able to buy without minimum order quantities and with no design or development fees and undercut me. It sucks and I mean it really sucks. It's probably one of the most painful aspects of running a business but I realised that I can't hide away because others have no morals or scruples, no matter how much I wanted to. If a competitor wants your pricing they will get it, they will get a friend to ring up and pretend they are interested in your services or even do that themselves. Do not hide yourself because of someone else.

4) I charge by the project and so it isn't as easy as just publishing an hourly rte

OK I hear you and it is really difficult when you have project based pricing but then you can showcase some projects that you have completed and put a price range at the side of it. For example, if you are a web designer and designed a 10 page website that was technically very difficult, you could put a "guide price" next to it or a pricing range next to it - so "10 page website with xyz features could cost you in the region of £1,000 to £3,000 depending on which features or apps you like. I will provide a full quote once I have all of your requirements".

5) I have different offers aimed at different types of clients

Cool! So do I!! I have my "entry level" courses which have one level of pricing for those that can't yet afford my "signature service", I'm pricing the courses very affordable (so they become a no-brainer) to draw people into my world, because when they are ready to uplevel then I'm already on their radar. Next I offer a "Done with You" service which is the VIP service to my courses, it is my mid-range offer and includes some 1:1 time with me, to help plan strategy the website, my courses so they can design their own website, access to me through a Facebook group to answer their questions on their websites and then my eyes on their website after. Finally for those that can afford it I have my signature "Designed in a Day" and "Advantage" services. My pricing is clear and my potential clients have three ways to work with me.

I still need some convincing

If I go to a website and there isn't any indication of pricing then I leave straight away and I know so many others that do the same. I don't want the "shame" of someone telling me their price for me to not be able to afford it and then I always feel that I would get into a discovery call and have a hard sell which is then awkward for me to say sorry I can't afford you.

Occasionally if someone is way below my budget I may question whether they have the experience yet to be able to work with me but if I like their vibe that wouldn't stop me working with them.

Let's put it another way, you are out walking down the high street with your partner and you are browsing menus - you are ready for a nice evening but it isn't a special occasion as such. You may walk past the "cafe" or "chippy" type eateries because for this occasion it isn't what you are after. You may see a bistro and take a look at their menu but they are expensive and this isn't a special occasion, just a bit of time out but now they are on your radar and you know when you have a celebration that they are there and you will end up eating there. Finally you find somewhere that is about the right price and is just what you were looking for, lovely food at a price that suits your budget, you sit and relax and enjoy your evening.

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