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Show me the money!

Some real talk - we are all in business to make money, to pay our bills and to (hopefully) have some over for good stuff like leisure time and holidays.

So why do so many people make it so hard for people visiting their website to book their services or to pay them?

This email just has one really clear message and task: Does your website make it easy for people to pay you?

Ask yourself these questions (not all will apply to you but some will and should resonate).

  • Do you have a clear call to action?

  • Do people know how to book you?

  • Do your visitors know how to purchase your product?

  • Can they come onto your website and within two clicks have a clear way to either book or pay?

  • Do you take credit card?

  • Do you offer payment plans?

Make it easy for your visitors to pay. Nobody should ever be left wondering how they can work with you (or buy from you) and how they can pay for your services!

To give you some examples from my own website:-

For web design services - I want people to book a discovery call so I can make sure that Designed in a Day is a good fit for them (this is a call to action) and if we proceed then I send a proposal that once signs takes people straight through to pay the deposit automatically. See how this works. For logo design - you can book and pay online directly through my website using the Wix pricing plan app. See how you can use the pricing plan app to book services and drive payments

For SEO - there is a form and then I manually send payment link via Wix invoices (my least favourite solutions but the cheapest way of taking payments through a Wix website). See how this works.

For Fix your Wix Site & Clarity Coaching Sessions - visitors are directed through to my calendar to book my time and then are taken straight through to pay at the same time. See how integrating a calendar with payment facilities work.

Note: I offer so many different ways to pay because they are working examples for my clients on what can be achieved and I'd normally not recommend so many different methods.

At the point of purchase it should be really obvious how to book and pay for each service and each service is just one click away from the home page.

So take a look at your website and check whether you are making it really easy for people to pay.

Click the button below if you want me to offer a free top level website review for you along with practical suggestions on how you can improve.

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