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STOP! working IN your business and start working ON your business!

Today, I challenge you to take 5 minutes out of working IN your business to working ON your business!

Here's a little challenge:

*WITHOUT SCROLLING* answer these questions:-

1) From your main image do people get an idea of what you are and who you serve?

2) From your HEADLINE do you entice people to find out more?

3) Is your name/brand clearly visible and memorable? If someone scrolls away to another site would they remember who you were if they came back?

4) Can your visitors easily navigate to get to the information they need on your products or services (again without a scroll) - hint - this is your menu - is it clear and does it take people to the information they need?

5) Without scrolling can people get in touch with you - either through a button or a contact link or even by having your phone number on display at the top of the page?

Be honest with yourself and if the answer is no, then take a little more time and try and fix those things.

If you'd like me to undertake a free website review for you, feel free to pop a request in and I'll give you some pointers!

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