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Tanya Packer Store - Designed in a Day

I love what I do and there is absolutely nothing more satisfying than receiving great feedback.⁠

I worked with Tanya on her new e-commerce site last month Tanya Packer Store. She is a children's author who has launched a store of book-inspired clothing and accessories⁠

As we talked during the strategy call, I could see that Tanya was totally lit up by the joy of physical reading and I love that I was able to put together a website that was filled with that joy and wonder. The home page video is inspired and you can't help but be drawn in by the magic of reading by torchlight.⁠

When it came to branding and colours for the website Tanya was an open book (pardon the pun) - she really was open to any suggestions. I wanted to give her something personal to her, a signature type font that could be utilised within her books too and I asked Tanya to put together some mood boards to see if we could find a common theme in terms of colour and style. I have to say her mood boards are amongst my favourite thing ever - full of dragons and mermaids, forests and wonder - it was so easy to see the common theme running through was purple, blues and copper colours. I love that her site reflects her personality and her sub-conscious choices.⁠

I love most that I've worked with another awesome client to give her an awesome website. If you have young children take a look at her site and help give the wonder of books to your kids.⁠

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