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My 5 Top Tips for Creating Content - Fast

You want to do your thing, you didn't set up in business to spend your life trying to figure out how to market your business. Nobody told you about having to spend forever creating lead magnets ... and blog posts ... and Instagram posts and stories, spend time in Facebook Groups and then there's Pinterest.

I honestly get you! Here’s a few shortcuts or tips to make it all a bit easier and a bit quicker.

  1. Batch everything. I put at least one day a week to one side to create content. For my Instagram I purchased a puzzle template, (see below) all I do is swap out the images and change the colours of the elements and that gives me 18 graphics in one go which I can also repurpose as blog images. I use the free tool Pine Tools to split the image down into 18 separate images. I schedule in advance using Later and sit down and write all my captions and hashtags. I schedule 3 posts a week. I used to schedule for every day but engagement didn’t drop so for me this works. I get 6 weeks of IG content in about half a day.

  2. Blog posts. There are so many freebies out there with suggested blog post headings. I use those for ideas but I also keep a list of my own ideas. Again once a week I’ll sit down and write as many as I can get done in about 4-5 hours.

  3. The really clever bit. I’ve just discovered Tailwind. It’s a scheduler but it’s also got a really great design app. What you do is either put in your blog URL and it brings in the images and heading and create graphics that way or you upload a photo and write a headline and it creates literally hundreds of graphics for you to choose from. In seconds. Then you write your caption and schedule. You can use this for IG too. I don’t because I use my puzzle layout but when I get fed up with that I’ll use tailwind. It’s just so quick and easy.

  4. You don't have to constantly reinvent the wheel. I buy templates off Etsy. They’re really cheap and I just change colours and fonts to match my brand. I also subscribe to Pixistock that gives me lovely stock images but she’s also got thousands of SM templates too which again you just swap to your brand colours and you’re away.

  5. Repurpose content. What that means is use the same captions for your social media accounts, create a blog and then use the content in your captions on IG, use your IG images within your blog posts as images, if you go on social media and answer someone's question - take a look at what you have written can it be repurposed into a blog post, you get the drift, get off the hamster wheel and get inventive with the information you are already creating.

Instagram Puzzle

This is my email puzzle before it gets split down then just one of the squares so you can see how it looks. Take a look at my Instagram to see it in action properly.

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