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VIP Experience Q&A

The VIP Experience deserves its very own VIP logo don't you think?

Are you ready to step into your role as The Expert? Show up online as the professional you are, your online presence matching your high-ticket offer.

But the thought of getting "on it" really does fill you with dread?

Designed in a Day, VIP Experience!

Together we will knock it out of the ballpark, everything you need to step-up delivered in two weeks time. Website launched, lead-magnet done, email sequences taking place, links to your course or one-to-one offer. The works.

A few people have asked some questions about this so here's some Q&A type info:

Q: Do I need to be available every single day for two weeks?

A: No, the reality is you will probably need a full day to get the content to me (ie, the words and images). On Design Day I may need you for approx 4 hours as we get your site live.

Q: The thought of writing all the stuff needed sends me into a cold sweat, can you help?

A: Yes, we can Zoom, where I will ask a series of questions. I then go away and write the copy for you if needed, or you can send stuff over to me and I can edit it for you.

Q: I don't really know what I want or need.

A: No problem, we will have a strategy call and by the end of it I'll know exactly what is needed and you won't even realise that I've got everything from you. It’s a more informal chat where I ask questions to get to the real heart of your project. It's totally unscripted because it is led by your answers. I promise it's not rocket science and because this is what I do, I'm able to get to the information I need without feeling as if it's pulling teeth.

Q: Tell me more about the free food and Prosecco!!

A: Ha ha - I don't want you to worry about anything on Design Day so I'll send you an Uber Eats voucher for you to order yourself some lunch and some coffees (or whatever you drink) as we work. At the end of the day we will toast your launch with a little bottle of Prosecco that will be sent to you in advance (no drinking it before the launch though, that is the rules).

Q: How can I find out more?

A: Just message me, or book a no-obligation call through my "book a free discovery call" button on my website.

Logo for Designed in a Day VIP Experience
Designed in a Day - The VIP Experience

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