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What is a parallax image?

Do you ever see an image on a website and somehow the page or text scrolls over it and yet the image seems to stay still? Well that is a parallax image.

Wix has many image effects that allow you to add interest and movement to your page.

I remember seeing a few years ago (maybe 5 or 6) a website that used parallaxes for the first time and being totally awe-inspired (geek alert, sorry) and to think this feature is now available to everyone to use is real progress.

The right amount of movement in a site just takes it away from being static and boring.

As a warning don't go overboard, a website that has images sliding in, swinging in, parallaxing, jumping and so on will give your visitors a headache and have them navigating away very quickly! By all means use movement within your website to create interest, just a little bit here and there!

Within the Thrive Online Academy we delve into parallaxes and all the other image tools within Wix in more detail and I show you how to add them to your site. You will be shocked at how easy it is to apply. You can add your name to the waitlist and receive incredible discounts when we launch.

However, parallaxes don't work on mobile using the standard Wix editor. If you want this feature on mobile then you'll have to move to Editor X which is a whole new ball-game (and a lot more expensive). I'm really hoping that parallaxes and other image effects become standard features on mobile (we can still have images sliding in and on on mobile just not the more sophisticated parallax type movement).

Here are three different examples of using parallax on your site.

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