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When it doesn't go to plan!

Who is ready for a truth bomb? Things just don't always go to plan!

Since I've been changed my business model to Designed in a Day over a year ago, I have to say that not only do I love the process but so do my clients, that is testament to all the fabulous 5* reviews and feedback throughout the day but I guess it had to happen, I had a Design Day recently that just didn't go to plan.

Totally my fault because my gut was that this client wouldn't be a good fit, they were absolutely lovely but the project was complex and the client struggled to take decisive and quick decisions or be available on the day for feedback (they said they would be) with no other option than to plough on (I knew time would be of the essence for this one) but I ploughed on in the wrong direction.

Now don't get me wrong I learnt a huge amount from this and the client still walked away with something that I think they were happy with at the end - but that was happy and not delighted.

So here are the learnings:-

* Designed in a Day is NOT for you if you struggle making quick decisions and need time to ponder. That's obviously not an issue with a traditional design process but Designed in a Day needs decisive action.

* If the pre-work isn't ready and I say it isn't ready, then I need to be more assertive in not pushing ahead until it is ready. I knew that the pre-work wasn't in good enough shape and I took it on face value it would be by Design Day, I won't let that happen again, I'll stand by my decisions as to whether or not we are ready to proceed. At the end of the day if the Client Portal isn't sufficiently complete by the time we do the kick-off call then pushing back will give us both a far better experience. This is why I don't book Design Days weeks in advance, this process only works when all the ducks are lined up in nice neat rows!

* I really do need you around on the day to approve (or not) the designs as I go along. It's only one day and having you on hand to input really is the difference between you feeling meh about the work and delighted. Your input is crucial because my interpretation of what you want may not translate well.

Don't get me wrong this wasn't an unmitigating disaster, it just wasn't the successful experience I've got used to having but it's not left me as a quivering wreck or anything just a bit meh myself!!

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