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Why aren't people buying from you?

In this post I'm going to look at some of the reason's why people may visit your website but bounce straight off without taking any action.

But first I want to just explain what "taking action" actually means:-

a) If you sell physical products obviously it means actually purchasing a product from you.

b) If you sell services then taking action could mean booking a call with you or signing up for your freebie or filling out a contact form. I'll explore more of these actions further down.

Get out of your own way!

OK I realise that sounds rude but maybe it is time to take a look at your website without having an emotional attachment to it, if you are able to do that great, if not maybe ask a trusted contact (preferably someone that knows what they are talking about) to do it. Asking these questions will help:

  1. Be honest with yourself, is your site amateurish and if so what can you do to make it look more professional? Read this article on how to create an impactful home page.

  2. At the very FIRST glance will people know what you do/sell?

  3. Is there a clear call to action visible straight away? (see example call to actions below).

  4. Do you have TOO MANY call to actions? Does it leave people with a headache or not knowing what to click on first.

  5. Do you have text explaining what you do and who you are? I know this sounds daft but so many people these days only use images and have very little text (because they think it looks better). There's a large percentage of people who still like to read(!)

  6. Do you have a freebie or a way of people to opt-in to your newsletter (generally people want something in exchange for handing over their email address).

  7. Do you have your social media links on your website and are they clear? Again you want to bring people in to your world and so clear social media links are good for those that want to know more about you but don't want to hand over their email address.

  8. Is your pricing visible on your website - not having a ballpark figure or knowing approximate pricing is often the number one reason people navigate away from websites without making an enquiry. This blog post examines pricing visibility in more detail.

  9. Is your site too cramped - use of white space gives an immediately more aesthetic feel, it takes away the overwhelm and it allows people to be able to see what you offer. Ensure text is of a decent size, easy for people to read without it being too big that you have to scroll for ever to read a paragraph.

  10. Is your branding memorable? If someone looks at 10 people who sell the same product or service as you and they want to come back to your website will they remember instantly that was the site they were looking for. Using a plain text logo (with a very basic font), bland images and nothing stand out memorable) is a sure way to become unforgettable.

Call to action

Make it really clear what you want people to do when they are on your website. If you look at my site, you will notice that my call to action is to book a discovery call with me. There is a button in the top right hand corner that is immediately visible and that call to action is repeated throughout the home page (though the wording may change the intention is to get site visitors to speak to me on Zoom). You will see though that I still have my social button's on my website, a contact form, my phone number, freebies and so on - they are all there but people who come to my site for the first time (or are returning visitors) know that I want them to book a discovery call.

They may not be ready for that they may want to just take my quiz or they may want to follow me for a while on social media or contact me by email first to start a conversation and of course I make sure that whatever they want to do, they have a way of doing it.

See the article call to action for more ideas.

Are you ready to have a show-stopping website, that is both memorable and a money-making, lead-generating machine? Well what are you waiting for?

PS: That button above ^^^ that's a call to action!!

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