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Why choosing your "hero" image is one of the most important aspects of web design

Choosing a hero image (the main image you see when you first land on your website) for your home page is one of the most important aspects you should consider. Never, ever, ever, underestimate how important your home page image is. It's that initial reaction, your first minute pull to get people to explore more. It should be of your finest product or offering, a really great stock image (and I do *not* mean to people dressed in suits shaking hands, this is 2021, not 1990!!) or indeed an image of you.

I know I've said this before but investing in great photos is probably the single best investment you will make into your website or even indeed your business.

So what makes a great image? Well I guess that depends on what you are selling or marketing (because we are all selling or marketing something). The image in this post is great, it is for an eco-glamping pod and it has the bottle of wine in soft focus, the hot tub, you can see it is sat on a lake and it has the most incredible outdoor table and chairs, it really makes you want to buy into the dream of the promise of escaping it all for a few days. Now I'm not a glamping anything type of person but even I was absolutely sold on wanting to visit this place!

For Tanya Packer's Store we used a video of kids reading by torch-light for her book-inspired clothing and accessories collection - invoking happy childhood memories of when we were so caught up in a book we'd read by torch under the covers at night, ignoring calls from our parents to turn off, with cries of "please, just one more page".

On the website I did for Styled by Lu, we used one of her gorgeous styled rooms to draw people in to find out more.

If you are an emotional freedom coach what could be better than a stock picture of someone expressing with glee their freedom - arms spread wide with the sea in the background.

Or maybe you are a service provider and a really decent brand image of you is perfect to instil that know, like, trust factor.

Whatever image you use always remember that initial first impression can make or break your website.

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