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Why I never recommend you use Wix ADI

It is very fair to say I'm not a fan of Wix ADI.

If you are a new user of Wix, you are asked a series of questions and if you say you have little or no previous design experience you are "pointed" in the direction of Wix ADI. You are then asked a series of other questions whilst ADI apparently puts together a bespoke site for you but it isn't bespoke depending on your answers, it is just the same as all the other ADI sites - there are sections that are added to or taken away depending on those answers but the structure of your site is exactly the same as everyone else's ADI sites.

One of the reasons I don't like it is that it is so restrictive in terms of what it can do, even changing the size or placement of your logo is challenging (and that is said as a designer), it's difficult to optimise for the search engines as well and even doing the basics makes me want to tear my hair out.

I never create using ADI but often I have people come to me and say they hate their site and can I tidy it up, or can I optimise it for the search engines.

My advice is don't go there in the first place or if you have, switch to the Wix Editor. You can then edit your site yourself and level up very very quickly. You can even move or change the size of your logo within seconds.

My advice to you is always when it comes to the question create the site yourself using the Wix Editor or use ADI *ALWAYS* use the Wix Editor and one of their very flexible templates.

One of the reason's I'm setting up the Thrive Online Academy is to help you gain the skills you need to create your own website, even without any design skills.

Sign up for the Thrive Online Academy and be amongst the first to hear about the launch of our Wix mini-courses with a whopping 50% off for those on the waitlist.

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