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Why images can make or break your website

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Question: Are your images on your website bog standard or awe-inspiring?

Upgrade number one: professional photography

We are living in a world where we are being expected to consume millions of pieces of information all day every day. If you think about social media we are being encouraged to get over what we say in 140 characters or less, only post images and so on. Social media is dumbing us down to the lowest level, we no longer read we skim read at best. We're encouraged to use snipets and headlines or bullet points to grab attention and say what we want in as few-a-words as possible (well I'm a word person *and* a rule breaker so for those that like to read to consume their content you will love my random musings.

Anyway, in this world where we are being fed millions of images a day, what do your images on your website say about you?

  • Do they make you feel a bit queasy when you think about them, you know that ick feeling when you don't want to really think about something?

  • Are they old and show you 20 years ago?

  • Maybe you use a lot of selfies?

  • Are they better than you've had previously?

  • Do your clients like them?

  • Do they represent you as you want to be represented?

  • Are they a bit twee and old fashioned (you know the shot of the outside of a corporate building or two business people shaking hands) - you know those stock photos that were all the rage ten years ago but well - that was 10 years ago!!


  • Maybe you are proud of them

  • They align to your brand and your brand values

  • They were a big investment and they make you feel proud?

  • Are the beautifully styled and aligned to your brand?

In my random musings I'm going to talk a lot about making upgrades so that your site aligns with who you are, what your brand is and who your customers are.

It's no co-incidence that I've chosen images as the first "real" musing.

Your images can make or break your website. So if you are going to invest in anything my suggestion would be to invest in photography first - either photos of you and/or your products (remember people buy from people) or invest in a few high quality stock images. If you invest in photography first these can always be used again in any new website you may have designed in the future.

Now I don't say this easily because I personally absolutely hate being in front of the camera - I'm always behind it taking (bad) photos of family and friends. But I also know that I have to step up and practice what I preach at some point and so I'm currently waiting my professional photos back from the photographer.

I'm not going to lie and say it was the best day I have ever had because that general discomfort didn't go away but finding a photographer you feel you can trust and whom you are able to open up to is really important.

I'll finish with this little musing:

"Selfies usually won't cut it, people buy from people so make having a few decent on-brand photos your priority for any spend".

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