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Why make life easy?

Like much of the UK back in June I enjoyed a four day weekend with thanks to the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The weekend coincided with my daughter's 25th birthday and the first one she's spent at home in 6 years as she spent a year in China and two in Taiwan plus uni, it's been a weekend filled with family, friends, food and sibling rivalry to keep it all real! On Saturday night I had some friends over and given the Jubilee long weekend I cooked some British classics and made individual portions of:

  • Shepherds pie

  • Bangers and mash with onion gravy

  • Toad in the hole

  • Meatballs on rice

  • Onion rings

  • Little casserole pots filled with honey and orange glazed carrots

  • and to finish little pots of strawberry with vodka jelly

No I haven't turned into a chef suddenly and this post does have a point honestly! Yesterday I was absolutely beyond knackered, my friends had all thoroughly enjoyed the food and drink and there was barely anything left despite cooking enough food for a small army. And whilst the presentation was incredible (if I say so myself), I had made life so difficult for myself. I could've just cooked big portions of each and plated it up at the table.

None of the food was difficult to make, I could've taken an hour or two cooking. Instead I spent the whole day cooking then splitting everything down into individual portions in cute little containers (that cost a fortune). Then I had to make sure that all these little individual portions were ready at the same time and serve them all up (6 individual dishes x 6 friends).

The food tasted no different than had I just cooked family-sized portions and let everyone dig in and help themselves. And I'm pretty sure it would've cost a lot less both financially and in terms of my time, tidying up time and the fact that I was so exhausted the following day I could barely move! I even quipped on the night that I don't make life easy for myself and yet here I am spending my life trying to make processes and tech as quick, easy and painless as possible for my clients and in my work life I try and hit that balance too. My question for you is this: Take 5 minutes to just think - what are you doing that is making life difficult for yourself when there's a much easier solution staring you in the face? Extra brownie points if that is actually something that will move your website or business forward! If you need help seeing the wood for the trees, I offer a 90 minute 121 coaching session where we take a look at your business and help you move forward.

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