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Yes really, I've reduced the price for Designed in a Day

Yes you have read that right!!

I have ***lowered*** the cost for Designed in a Day to just £995, a saving of £195 on the previous price

I know, everywhere and everything is getting more expensive and I just dropped my price significantly!

So what's the catch?

Well there really isn't one. I have been creating attention-grabbing, income-generating websites in a day for over a year now and I realised that a significant number of my clients only needed 5 pages along with one premium app such as a calendar or a blog. So my new pricing reflects that, a website which is your new home on the internet, a place to send people to learn more about you, your services (or products), what sets you apart from your competitors and to be able to make contact. A website that is optimised for mobile and for the search engines, one that is head-turning but is also primed to turn those visitors into paying clients or customers.

But also I know that many of those clients over the past year wanted "more" from our day, they want a full brand with matching headers and banners for their social media. Heck they even need help setting up their social media and working out the "what next" once they have their website and so I'm absolutely stoked to introduce "Designed in a Day ADVANTAGE" for those that want "more":-

  • More strategy time

  • More coaching

  • More help with how to launch their website

  • More understanding of what comes next

  • More graphics to use on social media

  • More understanding of what to write and how to write it

  • More ongoing support

Having the "Advantage" is about not just having a website but having a clear plan of action to start really driving your business forward. After all that is what we are all here for, to make money (or more money)!

Take "Advantage" of my 21 plus years of building internet based businesses.

Advantage has an introductory price of £1,495.

You can read the full details of what both packages include on my website -

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