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Power Hour

You may not need a full day, but you may need an expert to look at your website and do some serious tweaking.  That is where the Power Hour comes in.  You get an hour of my undivided time to work on your website.  Here are a few things that I can look at during the Power Hour:-

  • Mobile responsiveness.  Wix sites can look awful on mobile if you don't know what you are doing.  I can go in and optimise each page to ensure they are fully responsive.

  • "Tickle Up".  This isn't a redesign or a mini-make over but a small tidy up of your existing site to give it a more professional feel.  If it is a larger site then I will record a bespoke training video for you so you can finish off the tidy up yourself.

  • Additional pages. If you need a page or two adding to your website or have tweaks to a website that is already live then a power hour should be sufficient for any updates.

  • Website Review.  You have a website but it isn't performing but don't know why.  Let me go in and review the site and I'll record a plan of action for you to with live examples of how to make changes or improvements.

  • Overcome overwhelm.  I can spend an hour talking to you about your website, we can map out a strategy together that you feel able to follow with detailed instruction so that you have a plan of action to move your website forward.

  • Graphic design.  Do you need images and graphics updating?  Book me for an hour and lets bring them right up to date.

  • Email newsletters.  Set up and send out or scheduling of weekly or monthly newsletters

  • Bring me your wish list You tell me what help you need and I power through it and get as much as I can done in an hour.

Whatever you need help with, the Power Hour has the same cost - £150. 


There is very limited availability for Power Hours as I only do a maximum of three a week.  It is strictly payment in advance (when you book your Power Hour you will be taken through to a payment page.  Unfortunately refunds are not available under any circumstances and if you need to reschedule 7 days notice is required.