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I design head-turning, lead-generating websites in a day and now I’m going to show you how to create your own money-making machine, without having any design skills or prior knowledge of web design.

 Bite-sized, jargon-free, easy to follow courses with short how-to videos, downloads and packed full of hints and tips to design your site like a professional.

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Overcome your Web Design Overwhelm

Your website is one of the biggest investments into your business that you may make and that can be utterly daunting!  You feel there's so much pressure to get it right. It then turns into this huge big deal and you get stuck in overwhelm. There are so many moving parts, right?  This 38 page "Overcome your web design Overwhelm" workbook is designed to help you break down the project into manageable chunks and to start thinking about each aspect of your website. It's jam-packed full of hints, tips and actionable sections, with links for you to learn and read more to help you get clarity.


The cost of the workbook is just £17 and is available to buy now.

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Become a Wix Wiz

Learn all the Wix Basics from a Wix Legend (a top level Wix Design Partner).

These easy to follow bite-sized videos will have you master the Wix Platform in next to no time.  

Even without any design skills or prior knowledge of web design by the end of this course you will have all the skills, tools and tips you need to design your own attention-grabbing website.

Search Engine Optimisation

I'm a firm advocate in people understanding how their websites work.  I'm determined to demystify this, I pinky-promise that search engine optimisation isn't brain surgery or rocket science and anyone can do it!  This course will be a series of bite-sized videos, interactive worksheets and comes with access to a community where you can ask me ANY Wix related question (not just about SEO).  


I'm only just opening this up, the cost of the course will be £47 (I want everyone to be able to afford it) and the first 20 people who sign up and join the waitlist will be given exclusive access to the beta (test) course at 50% off.  So you can learn to optimise your own site for just £22.50

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Brand Out from the Crowd

Your business craves visibility, credibility, and revenue. Getting your Brand strategy right, and implemented brilliantly, will make your business stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Your Brand is Your Profit. It is the difference between you and your competitors.  Connect with your customers emotionally, capture a space in their hearts and minds, build trust, and they will choose to buy from you.

It's not just pretty fonts and nice colours it's about getting into your customers heart and minds, it's setting yourself apart from your competitors and it is about fighting for and winning that business - whether you are a consultant, sole trader or you are selling a product.   This workbook walks you through step by step everything you need to Brand out from the Crowd.

More coming soon ....