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Website Design & Development

Innovative Wix Web Design for Forward-Thinking Businesses

Designed in a Day

Discover a website that truly reflects you. In the crowded online world, make your mark with a site that highlights your brand’s identity, engages your visitors, and combines functionality with design beautifully. Our approach ensures your site looks great on all devices and ranks well on search engines, all created within a single day. You’ll receive 7.5 hours of focused design work, backed by a strategic pre-design session and a wealth of content creation support, including AI-driven advice. Imagine a website that not only mirrors but amplifies your unique brand, with customized calls to action and optimal visibility. Enjoy added functionalities like calendars, booking systems, and effective lead magnets. All crafted in one day, with an extra hour reserved for post-design tweaks and a month of email tech support .

Investment:  £1,495 (payment plans available)

Your Business by Design

Welcome to 'Your Business by Design,' where practical web design meets advanced tech integration, clear branding, and effective content strategy. In just two days, we focus on creating a website that’s both professional and fully functional. Our service includes a fast-track 'Designed in a Day' process, enhanced with vital tech tools like calendars and booking systems, strategies for engaging your audience with freebies, course platforms, and newsletters. We emphasize straightforward storytelling and direct branding to ensure your message is clear. This service is designed to get your business online efficiently, with a focus on real results and clear communication.

Investment:  £1,995 (payment plans available)

E-Commerce Solutions

Introducing "Advanced E-Commerce Solutions" – a straightforward, efficient approach to online retail. Our service focuses on creating a user-friendly shopping experience that converts visitors into customers. Over two days, we set up and design your e-commerce platform, organizing up to 10 categories and featuring 10 key products. This setup isn't just about displaying items; it's about presenting your products in a way that encourages purchase. We provide comprehensive training and a simple product template for easy management and consistent presentation of new items. With this service, your online store will not only attract but retain a loyal customer base.

Investment £1,995 (payment plans available)

One Page Wonder

Our "One Page Wonder" service offers a streamlined yet comprehensive approach to web design, perfect for establishing a concise, impactful online presence. Starting with a 15-minute strategy call, we lay the foundation for a website that skillfully encapsulates your main services, an engaging about section, and a captivating hero image with an introductory paragraph. Strategic calls to action and a user-friendly contact form are integrated to maximize visitor engagement and conversion. Following the design process, we allocate 15 minutes for post design tweaks to ensure your site meets your exact needs. Additionally, you'll receive 14 days of tech support and custom training videos, providing you with the knowledge to confidently manage and update your site. This package is designed to deliver a powerful, professional online presence in a succinct format.

Investment:  £495 (payment plans available)

Fix your Wix site

Building a website on your own is a commendable effort, yet there's always room for improvement, especially when it comes to making it professional and effective. Our "Fix Your Wix Site" service is here to bridge that gap. In a focused 90-minute Zoom session, you'll see immediate enhancements to your site through screen sharing, from optimizing for mobile to applying SEO fundamentals. As a top-tier Wix design partner, we provide expert adjustments and insights in real time. This session is more than a simple fix; it's a learning opportunity, leaving you with valuable skills and a recording to review. Let's upgrade your site and boost your web design confidence in one go.

Investment £295

Search engine optimisation

Our SEO Optimization project, delivers comprehensive SEO enhancements tailored to elevate your website's search engine ranking. This one-off package includes a thorough SEO analysis and optimization of your site structure for up to 10 pages, precise crafting of meta and title tags, and ensuring your content's keywords are effectively highlighted. We also streamline your headings to adhere to SEO best practices and handle search engine submissions to enhance your site's visibility. Plus, you'll receive easy-to-follow tutorial videos, providing you with the tools to maintain your SEO with confidence. We communicate every step in straightforward language, free from technical jargon, guiding you towards improving your website's ranking. While reaching the top of search results is a process influenced by numerous factors, our expert approach aims to position your site favorably for search engines.

Investment:  £95

Why you will love Designed in a Day

  1. Enjoy Exclusive Focus: Revel in the luxury of having our undivided attention for the entire day. It’s all about you and your vision!

  2. Instant Gratification: Delight in the speed of our "Designed in a Day" process. It’s lightning-fast, transforming your ideas into reality quicker than ever imagined.

  3. Dynamic Collaboration: Dive into a lively, real-time design experience. Your insights and feedback will directly shape the design as it unfolds.

  4. See Your Vision Come Alive: Witness the magic as your brand and website take form right before your eyes, turning your dream into a digital masterpiece.

  5. Stress-Free Journey: Relax and enjoy the ride. You’re involved at every step, ensuring a seamless and personalised design process.

  6. Efficiency at Its Best: Benefit from a process that’s fine-tuned for maximum efficiency. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

  7. Predictable Timelines: With clear kick-off and launch dates, your planning becomes effortless. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision.

  8. Priority Treatment: Forget about waiting in line. Your project is our top priority, ensuring your website receives the spotlight it deserves.

  9. Vision to Reality: Watch in pride as every piece of your vision falls into place, crafting a website that’s uniquely yours.

  10. From Blank Slate to Brilliance: Experience the sheer joy of starting with an empty canvas and ending the day with a website that’s ready to conquer the digital world!

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