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Building a personal brand

With so much "noise" out there how do you get noticed? You have your "gifts" to share with the world but these days there are so very many service providers and coaches that how do you get heard and seen online?

Stand out

The first thing is to build a memorable brand. When we talk brand that is so much more than just a logo although without a doubt a memorable logo helps you stand out too.

What else is "brand" other than a logo?

Well your brand is what separates you from your competitors, it is your "noise" as opposed to theirs!

Let me explain! It's the way you speak to your clients, it is how you communicate in every aspect of your business. Take a look at my brand for example, my colours are noticeable and rather than go for a traditional "techie" look or a very fashionable clean look with gorgeous styled stock photos, instead I'm using my brand colours and a splash of creative to stand out and become memorable.

When you look at my Blog as well as Instagram and my Pinterest accounts you can see the themes of the website come through and are all pulled together by using brand colours and similar themes, without any of it being uniform. Anyone falling over any of my accounts automatically see that they are all connected.

That's branding a service rather than a person though!

So how do we apply these lesson's to personal branding?

Your personal branding in so many ways is easier, because you as a person can be right at the very heart of your brand! So how do you want to be perceived is the best starting point:

  • open

  • friendly

  • professional

  • experienced

  • clinical

  • fun

  • appealling

  • inspirational

  • unique

  • credible

  • sustainable

  • consistent

  • dependable

Check out this worksheet on brand voice which has the complete list of words that I've put together to help you get real clarity on your own brand as well as exercises that will assist you in clarifying your brand voice.

Once you have your brand voice figured out this is the first step to putting together a truly memorable brand. I'd love to work with you on figuring out your brand and how this can translate to every step of your online (and off) persona.

Your brand is the first step in the creation of a website that converts. When we work together we figure out all this stuff during the strategy call and then I design you a website that reflects your uniqueness and shines a light onto you and helps you stand out and "thrive online".

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