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Is that me you're talking to?

One of the biggest challenges I face in business is not being all things to all people. Over the years, I've sold my own unique product into the likes of Boots, Mothercare, WH Smiths, Asda, Walgreens, Target Australia to name but a few outlets! I've grown another business to be the biggest in it's sector (again my own product but this time purely sold online). I've managed Ecommerce businesses that have traded over £7.5m and was responsible for everything from post production - so I'd arrange photoshoots, adding to the website all the marketing, sales, warehousing, returns, customer service - I had a huge team that sat under me with several layers of management too. I've also spent time working as a troubleshooter going into failing businesses and turning them around. I'm a real jack of all trades. I even have a post-graduate Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management and Development (yep I was an HR bod pre-kids). So it really is a scary proposition, niching right down and putting a stake in the ground saying “this is me and this is who I serve” - because you know … what if someone reading this isn't that target person? I'm going to let you into a secret - if they like you, trust you and feel aligned with you, even if they aren't that person, they will still buy from you(!) In case you are wondering who I serve (deep breaths because I don't want to put off anyone that may not see themselves as this person so maybe I will just go back to hiding and hoping people will just magically want to pick me just because I ask them to pick me) … Wait, maybe I won't say it aloud because surely I don't want to pigeon hole myself and it is best to let people just guess whether they should buy from me. OK you get the gist, I'll not drag it out.

I design money-making websites for people who may feel they are technically challenged. Usually they are 35+ (but not always), and often they are coaches or service providers (but I'have just done three charity websites and a couple of ecommerce sites). However, they all trust me implicitly to deliver them a unique website that is easy for visitors to follow and have clear calls-to-action. They are always ready to invest in their businesses and are ready to jump to the next level. So are you ready to put that stake in the ground and really work out who you are speaking to (even if you put a few caveats or brackets around). I know it is hard but honestly since really knowing who I work best with, I've seen my business thrive (online!!). Your turn ….!

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