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What's a mood board and why do I need one?

A mood board is a collection of images that resonate with you.

It can be a really useful tool if you really don't know where to start in terms of looking for images and especially trying to find brand colours that resonate with you.

I often ask my client's to go and look at images on Pinterest and save the one's that really appeal to them, one of my client's came up with all dragon's and unicorns but the weird thing is that all of them followed the same colour themes - purples and teal type colours, not the firey reds and brown's you'd have thought, she was obviously drawn very much so to those colour pallets.

I had the biggest revelation when I did my own mood board a few years ago. Because my business name is Thrive Online I had it in my head that I needed to have green as my base colour - but I've never particularly liked green and I can't think now why I ever thought that would resonate with me and if it doesn't resonate with me then why on earth would it ever resonate with someone else. At that time my business wasn't doing great, I had been doing a lot of contract work and my web design at that point was really my side gig and I hadn't really noticed that my sales had dropped off since I'd switched to the green theme. I then took part in Sarah Masci's moodboard challenge (which unfortunately she no longer runs) and I realised that my colours really didn't fit my brand or my personality. I was drawn to all the mood boards that used bright vibrant colours and so after the challenge had finished I spent a very enjoyable day just pinning on Pinterest. I put in words such as fruit, flowers, beach, computer, office, I really did use a mix of words and I started pinning anything that jumped out at me. After a while I realised that I was being drawn to the same sort of colours the raspberry pinks and teals over and over again. This was such a valuable lesson for me that I have incorporated it into my free quiz, when you take the quiz it gives you three mood-boards based on the answers to to kick you off and the results also give you a real insight into the sorts of colours and styles you are drawn to instinctively. It's clever stuff! Don't just take my word for it though try it out for yourself.

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