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What's in a word?

I design head-turning, income-generating websites … in a day!

Don't you think that sounds SOOOO much better than I'm a web designer?

I don't just design head-turning, income-generating websites - sometimes I design game-changing, high-converting websites … in a day.

Other times I design attention-grabbing, money-making websites … in a day! I could carry on as I have a whole list of double-barrelled words I draw on when telling people what I do. But what I never, ever do ANYMORE is simply say I design websites because …. yawn!! Now ok, I am a bit of a storyteller and writing does come quite easily to me, however, I tend to write as I talk which is quite plain speaking and from the hip without using big or interesting words. I have to physically stop and think how I can spice up what I'm writing in order to make the most impact, especially on websites and on social media. Firstly, a thesaurus is my very best friend, if I want to up the ante and can't think of a word off the top of my head I have been known to lose several hours of my life to a thesaurus! Not that I'm suggesting anyone else should lose multiple hours of their life on Thesaurus. It's this thing I have - I like to mix things up and can also lose hours or even days looking at font combinations or perfect images so that I have a library of inspiration to draw on for when I'm designing sh!t-hot, game-changing websites in a day (see what I did there!!)! I also have a curated Pinterest board which is full of inspiration. The images below are a couple that I have pinned but there's dozen more that I've pinned for you on the board and I add to the inspiration boards all the time. Check it out by clicking the button below.

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