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Why Wix? My top 10 reasons for designing on the Wix Platform

These are the top ten reasons I design using the Wix platform:-

  1. Visually I can create stunning sites. When I'm designing for a client I start from a blank screen and I can create a really simple site or I can create something that is incredibly sophisticated and it all uses exactly the same methods - I design using grids and columns (I'll be writing more about this in another post).

  2. It is so easy for my clients to update themselves after, you really do not need any previous design skills to be able to use Wix.

  3. There's minimal set up, no purchasing server space and no worrying about buying and installing SSL (security certificates), Wix hosting includes all that.

  4. In 6 years I can only recall one small downtime and that was only for a few minutes. It's as secure as Fort Knox so my clients and I don't have to ever worry about patching, security and tech know how.

  5. I've never received any gobbledegook spam like you get when you have a WordPress installation, it just doesn't happen so it isn't something that I (or my clients) ever have to worry about.

  6. It's getting easier and easier to make the site mobile responsive, generally these days the responsive view is exactly as you'd expect it to look though you may find some of the older templates still don't squish down perfectly.

  7. I want to scream this one from the rooftop, diehard WordPress lovers would have you believe that Wix SEO (search engine optimisation) is pants. Admittedly a few years back it wasn't brilliant but now it is as good, if not better than many Wordpress sites. I have many client sites ranking on page one.

  8. In the same vein it is incredibly easy to optimise a site in Wix. it completely demystifies everything and the SEO Wizard is a very powerful tool.

  9. You can totally customise every single aspect of your site, from the layout to even being able to upload your fonts and images and changing the colours throughout your site using just one click.

  10. There is never ever a clash between plug-ins. If something is available in the Wix store you can 100% guarantee it isn't going to cause a clash with another plug-in, it will all just work seamlessly.

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