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What are Strips in Wix and What are they Used For?

Strips are the main building blocks that the Wix platform is built on, they allow you to add and present content in an interesting and different way.

Not only is it a great way to present information but Wix recognises where each piece should be when it is resized for mobile, meaning that your website should be optimised for mobile much easier than if you just throw everything onto the page without using the strips.

This is a short intro video into strips. Within the Academy, we go into much more detail on strips and how to edit them as they are so incredibly versatile too and you can create some really advanced effects with them without any coding knowledge or prior design skills.

If you want to know more about Strips and how to use them to design your own eye-catching website, sign up for the waitlist for the Academy. Anyone signing up for the waitlist will be offered a 50% discount on the launch price.

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