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What is a good website?

Duh, one that converts obvs!!

OK, (now I've stopped being one of my kids) whilst yes! a website that converts is a good website, I want to talk about what makes a good GREAT website?

Here are my top 5 tips for designing a great website:-

  1. Photos, photos, photos - as long as I'm given good photos I can design a FABULOUS website. When I'm given poor photos then I just know the best I can magic up will be average. If you don't have good photos then there's some incredible stock photo places that aren't horribly expensive and of course Wix has it's own library of free images too. Please, please, please don't use a photo of suited people shaking hands or an upshot of the side of a building - both very 1990s!

  2. Consistency - be consistent all the way through - pick two or three fonts and no more than four colours (including a contrast colour - so a very pale colour usually) and be consistent. Use the different fonts to break up your text, use them consistently in headings and throughout your website.

  3. Use white space to add balance and to allow the brain to absorb different areas of your website. If everything is scrunched together the brain goes into overwhelm and can't take it all in.

  4. Movement (or animation as it is sometimes called) allows you to draw attention to important information, it adds variety and engages the brain, but too much can be … well too much! Be clever with the animation you use to pull your visitors' eyes to the next thing you want them to read.

  5. Call to Action - hey, I did wait until point 5 before I said my number one favourite phrase! What do you want your visitors to do when they are on your site? Here are a few examples of good CTAs:

    1. Sign up for a newsletter

    2. Book a discovery call

    3. Telephone you

    4. Fill out a form

    5. Book onto your course

If you are wondering why you aren't getting many visitors and absolutely no sales or orders, then my first suggestion is to go and take a look at other people's websites. Look at your competitors or just have a meander through the world wide web and then go and look at your website and see if it cuts the mustard. Look at it with fresh eyes, don't be over critical but if you can see a really obvious difference between their site and yours then it may be time to look at a redesign.

Finally, don't aim for perfect, aim for done. And continue to show Google you love your site by adding to it and tweaking it regularly. If Google thinks you love your site and you've not just uploaded something to gather cobwebs it really can help with your search engine optimisation.

If you are stuck for inspiration, take a look at some of the case studies on my website (about half way down). Each different slide clicks through to a different website I've designed.

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