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Words that wow

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for a lot of my clients is writing the words for their website.

Even though we have all been dumbed down to just look at pretty images (thanks to Instagram) and 140 character Tweets, words do matter both to your visitors (some people are very image orientated but some will want to read every single word you write and sometimes two or three times!) but also the words matter to Google because for them content is still king. I took part in a coaching programme last year that gave me access to a wordsmith (or writing coach) for an hours session and she asked me what I did and my response was:- I'm a website designer

She pushed and pushed until eventually I came up with:-

I design head-turning, lead-generating websites in a day

and since then I've further tweaked it to show a benefit to my visitors:-

My zone of genius is helping you showcase yours by designing head-turning, income-generating websites, in a day.

I've taken it from very a very uninspiring statement of I'm a website designer, to adding in a few sparkly words that make that pop and make people take notice, through to showing straight off what I can do for the person who is reading my website.

It's short, to the point and sprinkled with a little bit of word glitter! I now have a whole list of two-word phrases such as eye-catching, head-turning, money-making etc and I switch them around to keep it fresh. Here are a few power words that could start to ignite your imagination (that whole phrase ignite your imagination is a power phrase as it invokes action - invoke action being another power phrase - do you see how I'm linking these together to write some good stuff? - good stuff not being a power phrase ;) )

Power Words

  • Activate

  • Unleash

  • Embolden

  • Create

  • Innovate

  • Discover

  • Enjoy

  • Release

  • Inspire

  • Destroy

  • Empower

  • Reveal

  • Rebel

  • Engate

  • Divulge

  • Master

  • Pioneer

  • Envisage

I have a whole Pinterest board where I've pinned some great examples and when I'm helping clients write their copy for their website I often go and take a look to get some inspiration.

I've pinned loads of pins that have words similar to, take for example, the word different, instead of using that you could say:

  • Unique

  • Special

  • Abnormal

  • Unusual

  • Atypical

  • Offbeat

The button below links to my Pinterest board. I'm going to start pinning like a ninja again soon so why not give me a subscribe whilst you're at it? I've got loads of useful boards!

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